Maskcara Beauty

Here you will find the most simple and easiest way to change your make-up routine. Maskcara Beauty has just recently launched their Independent Artist program that allows us to share and experience the ease of make-up together! Once I got my hands on this product, I knew I wanted to carry it in my professional make-up kit for clients. Now, this gives me a way to educate and equip others to allow their make-up regimen to be one of the easiest things things about their day!

If you'd like to experience the products for yourself, I would love to help you host your very own Maskcara Beauty party! You can invite your girlfriends, have some wine, and talk all things beauty–all in the comfort of your home. 


Maskcara HAC Pack

IIID Foundation is our main stage product leaves your skin glowing and gives you a flawless finish to a fresh face!

Highlight + Contour

This facet of make up brings light to accentuate features, while adding depth to carve or sculpt portions of the face .  It is a staple for the perfect everyday make up look

Mini Double Decker

This double decker compact is the perfect accessory for those who want add a little more to their routine.